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Karen began Gnashing Teeth Publishing at 3 am on a Sunday. Unable to sleep, the entire concept was born in a haze of semi-sleep-deprivation and the desire to put more poetry in front of a wide audience. It is now a well-respected  independent publishing house with authors from all over the world. 

Karen Tardiff has been writing since she could hold a pen. She writes poetry, flash fiction, personal essays, short stories, and grant requests. Karen also edits for a small group of friends. She has been published in a variety of online and print outlets. She was born in Texas, lived a little bit of everywhere, and now resides on the Texas Gulf Coast. When she can’t find poetry somewhere, she puts it there.

She is the founder of the Aransas County Poetry Society, which hosts a monthly open mic (pre-Covid). She started the Poems on the Go project in Aransas County. As an alumni of Leadership Aransas County, she is heavily involved in her community.

Karen lives on the Texas Coast with her husband and daughter, a few critters, and lots of books. Her son lives way too far away. She enjoys creating new recipes, pickling and canning, and overexplaining and complicating stories which could be told in 3 sentences or less. If you want to bribe her, I recommend a nice bourbon.

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